Friday, November 30, 2007

Facebook Redux

Aha! Finally the pieces are starting to come together regarding how Facebook can be used for marketing purposes. The possibilities with advertising via Facebook's Social Ads are fairly obvious (though intriguing due to the ability to highly target those ads based on demographics, interests, etc.).

The Wall Street Journal ran an article this week with examples of how small businesses have used their profiles and group pages to build awareness and share products and services. Now Facebook has made another type of page available--company pages. I find this idea fascinating, and the wheels are already turning in my head to see how this could be used on a bigger scale. I think that the biggest challenge will be in how to speak to and connect with people ("fans" on Facebook) in an engaging and personalized way, rather than as a company to a group of customers and prospects (i.e., how to leverage the conversational aspects that are so strong and almost inherent in social media space, rather than falling back on the one-sided relationship found in traditional marketing).